Romano Rancilio

Romano Rancilio, for all those who knew him, was just a wonderful person. His humanity prevailed over everything. An attitude to understand people and live in harmony with each other that he had always cherished: within his family, at work, in his social and volunteering activities.

He was, above all, an entrepreneur: he realized, when it was not yet a subject to be tackled or debated, a simple and for him very natural – concept: corporate social responsibility. The company activities he carried out have always walked beside his humanity and have become at the same time profitable, longlasting, responsible, sustainable, and finally colored like a rainbow of life. Unfortunately his life was short (1935-1991), but long enough to leave a message, not so overt but visible, that we like to summarize as doing well by doing good . A message that we have inherited and that we seek to honor every day of our lives as entrepreneurs and human beings.

With the “Romano Rancilio Award all the colors of [ad]venture” we would like to give shape to that message body and support a social enterprise initiative to be realized, to sprout, as a small seed that will bear fruit. We would like to show the world all the colors of a worthy company and a worthy businessman, that do well by doing good, as Romano, quite naturally, would have done and would do.

Adele, Silvia e Luca Rancilio

Romano Rancilio Award